Learn to Beat Stress - Just by Using Your Body - Free Online Event!

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I'm co-hosting a FREE event on OVERCOMING STRESS on Google Hangouts. And it starts in an hour!
It's rather exciting as we will be teaching you how you can beat stress just by using your body.
If you join us online, you'll learn:
- What cavemen can teach us about the secrets of stress.
- The worst food for causing symptoms of stress.
- A de-stressing strategy you can use anywhere, anytime.
- Why what's in your bathroom cabinet may be contributing to your stress.
- A 2-minute physical trick to instantly de-stress.
And much more, of course!
It's going to be a really great event - and it's live, so we'll be able to answer your burning questions too.
Click the link for all the details of our FREE event. Hope to speak with you soon!

It's on in London at 3pm 25th May - check the time in your time zone here: Time zone converter.

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