Addiction and Choice; Rethinking the Relationship

Addiction and Choice : Rethinking the Relationship - Edited by Nick Heather and Gabriel Segal

  • Provides cutting-edge theory and research on addiction, giving the reader an insight into a profound change that is happening in the addictions field. Chapter authors include some of the best minds on the planet in the addictions field, hence readers will be stimulated by brilliantly original and authoritative ideas on addiction.
  • Provides a multidisciplinary perspective from philosophy, neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology and the law, demonstrating to readers how diverse positions from varying academic and scientific disciplines can cohere to form a radically new perspective on addiction.

I am humbled to have two chapters included in this book, along with such respected names as, Nick Heather, Gabriel Segal, Hanna Pickard, Richard Holton, Bennett Foddy and Roy Baumeister, to name only a few...

If you'd like to read my chapters, they are:

Addiction and_Choice_Book

17. The Blindfold of Addiction 


22. How a Stigmatic Structure Enslaves Addicts.

Title: Addiction and Choice: Rethinking the Relationship  

ISBN: 9780198727224

Publisher: Oxford University Press

UK publishing date: 17th September 2016    Order Addiction and Choice through Amazon UK now

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Our book was Highly Recommended at the BMA Book Awards


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